EoE-VII Travel Grant:

EXTENDED!!!! Deadline for Application: 12 June 2022


Under-served regions must be presented with fair and equitable opportunities to attend the EoE VII. Therefore, the selection process for EoE VII will follow a scheme that maximises diversity and ensures equitable access globally. Our selection approach will maximise regional and national diversity amongst grantees.

Equitable and diverse:

Anyone around the Globe is welcome to apply!! In addition to regional diversity and further promoting the subsequent dissemination of knowledge to a broader base, national and institutional diversity will be considered. The number of grantees from the same country will be limited, and only one application may be selected from the same institution. Lastly, efforts will be made to ensure equal gender representation.


The selection process will be based on information obtained from submitted applications.

Prospective attendees will complete an application form that requires:

  • Motivation statement for attendance (opportunity/success story or proposal on how Imaging has tackled societal challenges/collaborative work)
  • Self-reported assessment of expertise/experience in imaging techniques and/or research infrastructure (background and prior exposure to imaging)
  • Career information (career history, position, scientific outputs, etc.)
  • Limited personal information (specifically, gender)

Selection criteria:

A global review panel will review all applications. Reviewers will be initially blinded to the personal information of all applicants.

Each member of the panel will score each application based on the following merits:

1- Applicants with an imaging-related project promoting one or more sustainable development goals (up to 5 points).

Higher scores will be allocated to applicants with an implemented success story or an innovative concept on how it can be achieved.

2- Collaborative component (up to 5 points).

Higher scores will be awarded to highly collaborative applicants or proposals.

3- Under-served regions (up to 2 points):

Applicants engaged in research communities not traditionally associated with high funding or resources will receive higher scores based on the UN report on Country Classification.

  • +0: for developed economies countries (see Table A);
  • +2: for countries with developing economies (see Table C);
  • +1: for all other countries

Selection methodology:

The combined score awarded by all reviewers will be used to rank the applicants.

The seven highest-ranked eligible applicant(s) will be selected to attend the Exchange of Experience VII.

In the event two candidates have the same score, the tiebreaker will be resolved by priority selection of the following applicant, in order:

  • The applicant comes from a country not represented by another prior selected attendee
  • The applicant has a unique career phase relative to prior selected attendees
  • The applicant has the most significant potential to share knowledge
  • The applicant is listed first alphabetically by surname

The remaining eligible applicants will constitute the waiting list. Should a selected applicant not be able to attend the workshop, the next highest-ranked applicant on the waiting list will be offered the opportunity.

What is included in the travel grant:

The maximum amount of travel support is 2000 EUR (accommodation costs for the event days and the transportation expenses to and from Montevideo, including air travel and trains/busses)

Apply for the travel grant:
To apply, please complete the application form here.

For questions concerning the travel grant, please contact: Yara Reis ([email protected])