Post-doctoral researcher at the Maastricht University

Maastricht University, Maastricht, Netherlands Post-doctoral researcher

Short overview

We are looking for a postdoc with a PhD in molecular and cell biology with experience and track record with primary cell culture (organoids) and cellular imaging using high resolution fluorescence microscopy.

About the opportunity

This is a 3-year post-doctoral position at the Maastricht University in Netherlands.

The project will revolve around Notch proteins. Notch proteins are master regulators of cell fate during development and control selfrenewal and differentiation in most adult tissues. Activation of Notch proteins is regulated by successive enzymatic cleavages that release the cell membrane-bound form that acts as a transcriptional regulator. Notch activity is also regulated by intracellular trafficking but how localization and activity are connected is unclear. We recently identified metal-binding transporters as novel key mediators of intracellular Notch trafficking and activity. Key objectives are the following: 1) To identify the importance of metal transport(er), vesicular trafficking and Notch activity and 2) to interfere with metal transport to block Notch activity in tumours or promote regeneration of normal cell types. You will apply gain and loss of function (CRISPR, siRNA, pharmacological) in Notch-dependent 2D and 3D models (cell lines, normal and tumour organoids (lung, intestine) and high-resolution fluorescent imaging (confocal, STED) and single-cell tissue analysis to decipher how metal transport influences Notch signaling to direct cell specification and cell renewal.


We are looking for an open-minded, independent and result-oriented team player with a strong interest in basic research into regenerative medicine and cancer. You are fluent in English, both spoken and written.

More information and to apply

More information about this position and to apply can be found here.