Global BioImaging Training Platform sees its first major update of 2022

Global BioImaging Training Platform provides modules that contain either training or informative material. The modules are curated to include as much useful information pertaining to a topic as possible. The Training Platform can be accessed by anyone around the globe who is interested in imaging and microscopy from junior researchers to principal investigators and core facility staff. Since the launch of the platform in the summer of 2021, the platform significantly grew in size in terms of the number of training modules.

The first major update of 2022 of the Training Platform included addition of new categories and modules. The number of categories increased from four to six and the number of available modules now stands at twenty modules from the eleven modules available at the launch of the platform. Examples of new additions include dedicated modules that focus on image data repositories such as BioImage Archive, IDR, and EMPIAR. Light microscopy modules are now structured thematically for easier consumption. Some of the new modules include CellProfiler and CellProfiler Analyst, Recommended Metadata for Biological Images, and Advanced Fluorescence Techniques (FCS, FLIM, FRET). In addition, some minor functional and cosmetic changes were applied to the platform enhancing user's experience.

If you would like to see a particular module in the Training Platform, you can submit a module using a submission form. The submission guidelines are available here.