DATES: 29th to 31st of October of 2024

LOCATION: Okazaki Conference Centre, Okazaki - Japan

TOPIC: Image Data Horizons - Global Strategies for Accessible Knowledge

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Our goal at #GBI_EoE2024 is to tackle the pressing challenges in data management on a global scale, addressing pre-publication considerations and emphasizing the pivotal role of data repositories. Engaging discussions will delve into strategies to incentivize and enhance data-sharing practices, with a particular focus on Open Image data.

This conference aspires to propose comprehensive strategies for promoting global accessibility, FAIR data, and advanced Image Analysis tools, with applications spanning bioimaging and Biomedical Imaging data. By showcasing examples and presenting innovative solutions, our objective is to pinpoint and prioritize areas for improvement. In doing so, we aim to contribute significantly to the overarching theme of "EoE2024: Navigating Data Horizons," propelling us towards a more accessible and interconnected global knowledge landscape.

Join us in shaping the future of data management and fostering a collaborative environment for advancing our collective understanding. #GBI_EoE2024 is your platform to be a catalyst for positive change in the realm of global data accessibility and utilization.

TRAVEL GRANT: Thanks to CZI, Global BioImaging will offer a number of travel grants for successful applicants who do not have institutional travel support to attend this conference. APPLICATIONS OPEN HERE!

The organising Committee:

Advanced BioImaging Support - ABiS

Professor Naoto Ueno - National Institute for Basic Biology (NIBB)

Dr Shinya Komoto - Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST)/ National Institute for Basic Biology (NIBB)

Global BioImaging

Dr Yara Reis - External Relations Manager

The organising committee was supported by a team of experts within the Global BioImaging Image Data Management Working Group co-chaired by:

Dr Shuichi Onami - RIKEN Institute and ABiS

Dr Josh Moore - German BioImaging

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