Exchange of Experience 2016 - #GBI_EoE2016

Heidelberg, Germany

The first Exchange of Experience workshop (EoE I) took place on 8th-10th June 2016 at the EMBL in Heidelberg (Germany).

It brought together 78 participants from 6 continents, ranging from Euro-BioImaging facility staff to their international colleagues from India, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Argentina and the USA to exchange best practice in benchmarking performance of imaging technology platforms, image data management and facility staff training.

During the event some of the most advanced imaging communities and reseach infrastructures around the globe - such as the European infrastructure for life-science information ELIXIR, the American Advanced Imaging Centre at Janelia Research Campus and the Australian ANSTO, NIF and AMMRF - were presented. The local situations in India, Japan and South Africa were also illustrated and the workshop's participants had the chance of reciprocally share their experiences and discuss their expectations on the GBI project.

In addition to providing a unique opportunity of newtowrking at a global scale, the workshop represented a concrete occasion for its participants to contribute to the definition of some of the project's key milestones. The programs of the upcoming GBI training course for staff in imaging facility management and operation as well as for the training in in image data management and analysis were discussed and the needs of the different imaging communities were analysed. As a result, two organizing committees - one for each course - were formed and the work on the in-detail definition of the two course's programs was initiated.

The full workshop programme can be downloaded from the attachments section on the side.

The link to the presentations given can be found here.