Exchange of Experience IV

Singapore, Singapore

The Exchange of Experience IV (EoE IV) workshop was held in Singapore on 13-14 September 2019 and brought together an ever growing community of imaging facility managers, scientists, policy makers and industrial representatives from across the globe.

Participants from Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and the United States actively joined the discussions on career paths for core facility staff and put down solid bases for the preparation of an international recommendation on this topic. As a global community we want to promote the empowerment of facility staff and managers, who are key professional figures in today’s research environment and true enablers of scientific excellence and cutting-edge science.

During these two-days of active discussions, dedicated sessions were also reserved for the presentation and work of the Global BioImaging Working Groups on Image Data Management, Societal Impact of Imaging Research Infrastructures, Quality Management.
And – last but not least – a new Working Group on Strengthening the involvement of the medical community was formed, at the aim of supporting even more cross-disciplinary interactions.

The presentations given during the workshop can be found here. All the videos of the workshop sessions can be viewed on our YouTube Channel.

The most heartfelt “thank you” to SingaScope for hosting us at the Biopolis campus - the home of A* STAR’s biomedical research institutes - and to all the sponsors for their generous support.