Exchange of Experience III

Sydney, Australia

The 3rd Exchange of Experience workshop (EoE III) took place on 14-15 September 2018 at the Charles Perkins Centre of the University of Sydney, Australia.

Building on the outcome from the two previous Exchange of Experience workshops in Heidelberg (2016) and Bangalore (2017), this year’s EoE has brought together even more partners and delegates from the continuously growing GBI network, including representatives from Australia, Argentina,
Canada, Europe, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa and the United States.

The aim was twofold: to discuss and decide on the continuation of Global BioImaging beyond the H2020 project funding (which ended in November 2018) and to work on an international recommendation on quality management for imaging facilities.

The EoE III workshop was proved to be a key stepping stone in the roadmap towards building the future of the GBI network. A momentum formed and all workshop participants enthusiastically showed their support to Global BioImaging and committed to concretely contribute to its sustainability.
In the second half of the workshop, international experts presented best practices in quality management for imaging facilities, on the basis of which the international recommendation on quality management for imaging facilities was drafted.

The full workshop programme can be downloaded from the attachments section on the side.

The link to the presentations given can be found here.