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What we do?

Global BioImaging is an international network of imaging infrastructures and communities, which was initiated in 2015 by a european (Horizon 2020) funded project.

Recognizing that scientific, technical and data challenges are universal rather than restricted by geographical boundaries, it brings together imaging facility operators and technical staff, scientists, managers and science policy officers from around the globe, to network, exchange experiences and build capacity internationally.

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Our Mission

To cooperate internationally and propose solutions to the challenges faced by the imaging community globally.

To build a strong case towards the funders that imaging technologies and research infrastructures are key in the advancement of life sciences.

To build capacity internationally, leveraging on each other’s strengths and capabilities.

Imaging technologies and global goals

As they become increasingly powerful, imaging technologies help researchers addressing the grand societal challenges.

Modern biology and medicine are undergoing a profound transformation. New, cutting-edge imaging technologies are driving this change by enabling researchers to visualize and measure – with a precision never reached before – molecular and cellular functions as well as the metabolic processes in live organisms. this is possible thanks to the resolution revolution, exempli ed by two recent nobel prizes for super-resolution and cryo-electron microscopy.

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Healthy Aging
Fight Infectious Deseases
Climate Action
Zero Hunger
Growing Knowledge

Global Network of Imaging Infrastructures and Communities

National Laboratory for Advanced Microscopy
Dr. Chris Wood, [email protected]
Dr. Vadim Perez, [email protected]
South Africa
India BioImaging Consortium
Dr. H. Krishnamurthy, [email protected]