What we do?

Global bioimaging is an international network of imaging infrastructures and communities, which was initiated in 2015 by a european (Horizon 2020) funded project.

Recognizing that scientific, technical and data challenges are universal rather than restricted by geographical boundaries, it brings together imaging facility operators and technical staff, scientists, managers and science policy of cers from around the globe, to network, exchange experiences and build capacity internationally.

It provides a unique opportunity for international discussion and cooperation to tackle the practical challenges as well as the strategic questions linked to operating open access infrastructures for cutting edge imaging technologies in the life sciences.

Global BioImaging organizes:

  • Annual international workshops to learn from leaders around the globe in infrastructure operation and management, research policies and technology trends.
  • Focused meetings and working groups to discuss specific subjects and build international collaborations.
  • Trainings to support the professional development of managerial and technical imaging facility staff.
  • Staff Shadowing programs to allow imaging facility staff to learn from leading international peers.