Advanced Light Microscopy (i3S)

Porto, Portugal

Advanced Light Microscopy (i3S)

Facility description

The Advanced Light Microscopy (ALM) is the i3S scientific platform specialized in state-of-the-art optical microscopy to study cellular systems in biosciences research areas like cell biology, oncobiology, neurobiology, immunology, and biomaterials.

The ALM provide open access to high-end imaging technology and large expertise in advanced light microscopy applied to multidimensional imaging of cells and tissues, live cell imaging, functional and molecular imaging (ex. FRAP, FRET, FLIM), as well as in bio-image data analysis. The equipment available includes five transmission/widefield fluorescence microscopes (one with TIRFM), two spinning disk microscopes (one with SR-SIM), three laser scanning confocal microscopes (one with STED, FLIM, FCS), a light-sheet microscope, a 2P microscope and multiple workstations with software for bioimage analysis.

The unit offers scientific advice in experimental planning, training in hands-on operation of the equipment and in image analysis, as well as scientific consulting in research projects development. We are committed to increasing the knowledge in bioimaging of scientific and industrial communities. With that goal in mind, we organize several post-graduation courses in light microscopy and image analysis. The ALM is a core facility of the national research infrastructure PPBI-Portuguese Platform of BioImaging and of the European research infrastructure Euro-Bioimaging ERIC.

Facility location

i3S - Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde, Porto, Portugal

Facility website

Overview of the imaging facility along with the available instruments and services provided can be found at the following website.

The Shadowing Offer

Main focus

Aspects related to user access

Core facility management

Hands-on instrument training

Image storage and image analysis

Software tools

Quality management

Preferred position of applicant

Managerial staff (manager/director)

Technical staff (imaging/microscopy specialist)

Duration of stay

1-2 weeks

Supported languages