Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis, University of Queensland

The Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis (CMM) is an interdisciplinary research, training and service centre at The University of Queensland (UQ).

CMM provides access to a comprehensive suite of analytical instruments with quality training programs and participates in both research programs and the education of undergraduate and postgraduate students. CMM's highly experienced, specialist staff creates a supportive and resourceful working environment where users receive expert advice and training that equips them to achieve their research goals. CMM is also a partner to industry and offers consultation, testing services, access to instruments, contract research or long-term research collaborations. CMM is a foundation member and the Queensland Node of Microscopy Australia (MA, formerly AMMRF). As part of MA, we can offer our users access to capabilities at the other MA nodes.

CMM is part of a national collaborative research facility network and offers the following services:

  • Characterization of soft and hard materials at the micro, nano and atomic scales
  • Expert support, training and instruments accessible to all researchers
  • Material characterization consultation
  • Next generation methods and instrumentation development to enable the exploration of new frontiers in characterization not yet established.

Website: https://cmm.centre.uq.edu.au

To apply for an international job shadowing program, please complete the form found here.

The Shadowing Offer

Main focus

Image data storage and analysis

Core facility management

Hands-on Mass Spectrometry/ Imaging MS

Cryo-FIB/SEM/3D volume SEM/ cryo TEM

Other Activities

CMM seminars under its Frontiers in Microscopy and Microanalysis series at UQ

Other seminars at UQ

Preferred position of applicant

Facility manager

Imaging specialist

Technology Development Engineer/Scientist

Duration of stay

2-12 weeks