France BioImaging (Euro-BioImaging)

France BioImaging is a national research infrastructure in biological imaging. At the international level, France BioImaging is part of the Euro-BioImaging research infrastructure.

France BioImaging is at the crossroads between molecular and cell biology, biophysics and engineering, mathematics and informatics. This unique coordinated infrastructure gathers 17 large biological imaging facilities and 30 associated R&D teams based at the following locations: center of Paris, Montpellier, Marseille, Bordeaux, Rennes, and one transversal Node for Image Processing and Data Management.

France BioImaging aims at creating the most efficient adoption of the latest advances in all technologies and methods related to microscopy by the users of its imaging facilities. These technologies and methods, reinforced by a strong support in computational analysis, provide quantitative measures and integrative understanding of a wide range of cell and tissue activities in biological models, from the simplest, to small animals in normal and pathological situations.

Our moto is Innovation – Training – Access


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The Shadowing Offer

Main focus

Aspects related to user access

Quality Management

Software tools

Image data storage and analysis

Core facility management

Hands-on: LLSM;Fast-CLEM; 3D CryoEM; Super Res (from spinning Live SR to dSTORM/STED); FCS/STED

Socio economic impact measurement; fees/prices calculation; sustainability

Other activities

International seminars on topics related to the site specificity

“Soft skills” training sessions (including quality management courses, ethical behavior, 3R and safety rules)

Preferred position of applicant

Facility manager

Imaging Specialist

Duration of stay

Up to 3 weeks