Global BioImaging is organizing a hackathon to advance deep learning image analysis

Global BioImaging has paired with Human Technopole, a research institute in Milan, Italy to organize a five-day hakathon to advance deep learning aspect of image analysis. The event will take place at Human Technopole in Milan, Italy between 6-10 February 2023.

BioImage Model Zoo, which provides a growing number of deep learning models for bioimaging applications constitutes a serious milestone in terms of bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the life sciences. Being able to run models stored in the BioImage Model Zoo in Java-based image processing programs such as DeepImageJ, Labkit (Imaris), Icy, QuPath, etc. would enable users of these image analysis applications to deploy AI to analyze small and large image datasets. Recently, an imglib2 API was developed around the deep-java library, which makes it possible to run Model Zoo models in Java. However, more work is required to make the end-user experience better. For example, code that automatically downloads the models and corresponding jars for the respective deep learning frame-work and operating system need to be coded. Connectors of the core imglib2 API to the various front-ends, and the imglib2 core API itself need to be improved.

This hackathon is limited to 20 places and will take place in-person only in Milan, Italy.

More details about the hackathon including the application form can be found here.