Microscopy medata educational modules by Global BioImaging & QUAREP-LiMi

Global BioImaging is happy to announce that a collaboration between Global BioImaging, the 4D Nucleome Initiative, BioImaging North America (BINA) Quality Control and Data Management Working Group, Canada BioImaging and QUAREP-LiMi Working Group 7 on Metadata yielded several educational modules within the Global BioImaging Training Platform.

Global BioImaging Training Platform is an educational resource that provides educational and informative modules for the use by anyone interested in imaging and microscopy. The modules are curated to include as much useful information related to a topic as possible. This platform is available for everyone around the globe free of charge with the target audience being all researchers who use microscopy and imaging including imaging scientists ranging from junior researchers to principal investigators to core facility staff and directors.

In total, three educational modules on metadata topics are now available in the Training Platform including i) a module introducing a user to collecting and reporting microscopy metadata, ii) a module on Micro-Meta App software for collecting microscopy metadata, and iii) a module on MethodsJ2 script that can be used in Fiji to generate ready to use methods text for reports and publications. All three educational modules are suitable for researchers who use imaging daily and for imaging scientists and core facility staff.

This marks the first collaboration between Global BioImaging and QUAREP-LiMi within the area of training.

Check out the new metadata modules here.