Global BioImaging-ZEISS webinar series in Light Microscopy

Global BioImaging is proud to present a webinar series jointly organized with Carl Zeiss Microscopy. Together Global BioImaging and Zeiss will provide a webinar series focused on the latest advances in the light microscopy ecosystem covering state-of-the-art technologies, efficient workflows, and sample preparation methods.

Imaging core facility staff including personnel of light and electron microscopy core facilities and biomedical imaging units are invited to attend the webinars. Principal investigators, post-doctoral researchers, and graduate/PhD student who utilize imaging and microscopy technologies are also invited to attend. Webinar series are free of charge and will also be recorded so that anyone who misses the opportunity to attend live webinars will have a chance to view them at a later date. The webinars will be available on the Global BioImaging YouTube channel.

The series will kick off with an Introduction to Confocal Microscopy followed by specialized webinars such as Methods for Clearing your specimens, Automation in modern microscopy, and many more. Below you will find the titles of individual webinars and brief outlines.

Introduction to Confocal Microscopy (Tuesday, 30th March at 15:00 CEST)

Confocal Microscopy is one of the central pillars of the imaging facility. This training will provide a basic overview of how a confocal microscope works and why this is beneficial for Life Science imaging.

Multi-colour imaging - where are the limits & what are the opportunities? (Tuesday, 20th April at 15:00 CEST)

Facility users very often want to image multiple colours. Various approaches for spectral separation, from filters through to mathematical unmixing, are available. This training will look at each approach and provide guidance on how to effectively use these approaches.

Super-resolution: What is it? How can you do it? What does it enable? (Tuesday, 11th May at 15:00 CEST)

There are a lot of different super resolution approaches available in light microscopy. The goal of this training is to provide an overview of some of the alternatives and to explore the benefits and drawbacks they offer.

From 2D to 4D imaging - how switching to a sheet of light has revolutionised volume acquisitions in Life Science (TBA)

Live sample imaging is a main stay of many core facilities and development of the acquisitions from single slices to 3D volumes over time has been greatly assisted by development of lightsheet instruments. This training will cover how the lightsheet microscope works and how recent developments of this technology are changing forever the way in which volumes of live samples can be acquired.

Methods for Clearing your specimens - what are the options and which should you choose? (TBA)

For large and dense specimens, clearing has proven to be a powerful means of enabling imaging. However, the array of clearing approaches is very wide and choosing the right one is key for the resulting experimental success. This training will provide an introduction to the most commonly used Clearing methods and provide guidance as to when to use each.

Automation in modern microscopy: easy ways to prevent costly accidents and enable your users with tools for straightforward experimental set up (TBA)

The modern microscope provides a plethora of tools to assist users with their workflows in order to minimise the amount of training required and also the potential bias that can be instilled by the user. This training will introduce the most up to date automation capabilities and explore why this ultimately leads to less accidents in the facility.

Target audience: Webinar series are open to everyone.

Cost: Attendance is free of charge.

For register, please visit this webpage.