We are very proud to announce that Global BioImaging has been awarded over $1.3 Million (€1.2 Million) by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) to boost all of our core activities for the next three years. You can read the CZI press release here.

This award gives us the fantastic opportunity to plan new training courses, boost the job shadowing program and intensify our international capacity building efforts! We are looking forward to enlarge our community and promote even further the use of transformative imaging technologies for the benefits of discoveries in the life sciences and beyond.

This is in line with the mission of the science program of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and we are thrilled to have engaged with them. “Imaging of molecules, cells, and tissues is integral to understanding disease, and core imaging facilities that use the latest microscopy tools to further the research of hundreds of biomedical scientists are fundamental to progress,” said CZI Head of Science, Cori Bargmann. “By bolstering the development of Global BioImaging’s central hub and investing in training and data exchange between imaging centers and communities, we hope to increase global collaboration and accelerate potentially life-saving scientific breakthroughs.”

Thanks also to EMBL, which has coordinated the GBI initiative since its outset in 2015 and which maintains its coordinating role also in this second, stimulating phase.

So, stay tuned! Exciting new activities are being prepared right now!