Latin America Bioimaging is a newly created network that brings together researchers, service providers, educators and commercial technology integrators in bioimaging across the region. A first community meeting was held on 8 April 2021, bringing together 170 imaging scientists and infrastructure managers from 10 countries in Latin America and beyond.

To build on this momentum and accelerate the process of bringing Latin America Bioimaging to maturity, the community in the region can learn from European allies about the pathway that was undertaken to build Euro-BioImaging ERIC.

To promote the advancement of bioimaging worldwide – and considering that many efforts are under way to support bilateral collaboration in science between the two regions – Latin America Bioimaging and Euro-BioImaging have organized a bilateral 2.5 hours online seminar to take place on 18 June 2021 (10h00-12h30 UYT/15h00-17h30 CEST) that will foster exchanges between the European and Latin American scientific communities and the political actors involved in building Research Infrastructures.

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This is a satellite event of the RI-VIS Europe-Latin America symposium on Research Infrastructures.