Following a long-awaited development and in the wake of an excellent LABIxBINA community meeting held in Mexico last week, we are thrilled to announce that the Argentine National Microscopy System (Sistema Nacional de Microscopía or SNM) has officially become a new signatory to an international Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Global BioImaging. This milestone reflects years of dedicated involvement by Argentine imaging scientists in Global BioImaging initiatives and their active participation in the Latin America BioImaging (LABI) community. The signing of this MoU holds great promise for advancing scientific research and fostering international cooperation in the field of microscopy.

The Argentine National Microscopy System

The Argentine National Microscopy System is an initiative launched by the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MINCYT) in collaboration with the Interinstitutional Council for Science and Technology (CICyT) under the Grand Instruments, Facilities, and Databases Program. Established in 2008, SNM plays a pivotal role in generating, executing, and coordinating policies that help maximise the use of large microscopes for research activities. With 101 centres as members, SNM boasts 195 registered microscopes distributed throughout the country, serving more than 6,700 microscope users.

SNM's Contribution to Scientific Advancement

SNM extends crucial support to its member institutions, offering economic assistance upon application for equipment upgrades and maintenance. This financial support ensures that the microscopy tools remain at the cutting edge of technology, facilitating innovative research in various fields. Moreover, SNM fosters knowledge exchange among member institutions, sharing valuable institutional experiences related to the use and maintenance of equipment.

In addition to its support for equipment enhancement, SNM actively contributes to the scientific community's growth and development. It organises courses and workshops designed to benefit the broader scientific community, providing valuable educational opportunities to researchers and students alike. These educational initiatives enhance the skills of scientists and promote the dissemination of knowledge in the field of microscopy.

Key Objectives of SNM

The SNM is guided by a set of clear objectives aimed at enhancing scientific research and fostering innovation. Some of the key objectives include:

Promoting Accessibility: The SNM encourages the opening up of microscopy facilities to external research groups beyond the institutions that own and maintain them. This approach promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing among scientists and research organisations by an unique centralised platform for access, booking and tracking.

Facilitating Equipment Upgrades: To ensure the continuous improvement of microscopy equipment, the SNM provides support for acquiring complementary equipment, accessories, insurance, and other resources that enhance the capabilities of existing microscopes. This commitment to technological advancement is crucial for staying at the forefront of scientific research.

The Significance of the MoU

The official signing of the MoU between the Argentine National Microscopy System and its international partners signifies a new era of collaboration in the field of microscopy. This MoU provides a framework for cooperation, knowledge exchange, and joint research efforts between SNM and other global players in the microscopy and bioimaging communities.

Collaboration with international counterparts opens access to Argentine imaging scientists to work on cutting-edge research projects, access advanced microscopy technologies, and share their expertise with the global scientific community. It also allows Argentina to contribute its unique insights and capabilities to global scientific endeavours.

The inclusion of the Argentine National Microscopy System as a signatory to this international MoU is a significant step forward for both Argentina and the global scientific community. It underscores the commitment of Argentina to fostering scientific excellence and collaboration in the realm of microscopy. As SNM continues to develop and execute its mission and objectives, its partnership with global peers promises to yield exciting discoveries and innovations in the field of scientific imaging, benefiting researchers and society as a whole. This collaboration serves as a testament to the power of international cooperation in advancing scientific knowledge and addressing global challenges.


ARGENTINE- National Microscopy System

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