Global BioImaging Enhances Opportunities with Travel Grants for Training Courses and Annual Meetings

Thanks to CZI, Global BioImaging (GBI) was able to offer travel grants for both the Facility management training course and the annual meeting last year:

#GBI_EoE2023 in South Africa

We were elated to welcome all grantees to the network, fostering engaging discussions on empowering imaging scientists through effective training during the last event.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the outstanding TOP10 grantees from #GBI_EoE2023

Flashtalk- Travel grantee - Nehal Ibrahim Ghoneim - Cairo, Egypt

Flashtalk- Travel grantee - Moritz Winker - Heidelberg, Germany

Flashtalk- Travel grantee - Cesar Augusto Valades-Cruz - Wuhan, China

Flashtalk- Travel grantee - Monica Birkhead - Johannesburg, South Africa

We also hosted more grantees from South Africa, Nigeria, and Finland, and we look forward to continuing to work with them on different initiatives!

Register and submit a poster at #GBI_EoE2024 in Okazaki, JAPAN.