Global BioImaging is proud to announce that Molecules to Human (M2H) boot camp is open for applications from imaging scientists across the globe.

Global BioImaging together with its partner organizations including African BioImaging Consortium (ABIC), Euro-BioImaging ERIC, and Latin America BioImaging (LABI), as well as other networks and initiatives such as Africa Microscopy Initiative (AMI), Association for Biomolecular Research Facilities (ABRF), Biomedical Science Research and Training Centre (BioRTC), and Consortium for advancement of MRI education and research in Africa (CAMERA) joined together in an attempt to bridge light microscopy and biomedical imaging communities together. These two imaging communities, although share common goals of using imaging technologies to answer complex biological questions in health and disease, are separate from each other. With the M2H boot camp, this group hopes to start the momentum to bridge light microscopy and biomedical imaging communities together, to initiate collaborations between members of both communities to incorporate imaging across the length of scales into research projects.

The boot camp aims to deliver theoretical and hands-on training in several light microscopy and biomedical imaging (preclinical/animal imaging) technologies. Topics such as introduction to research models, identification of most suitable imaging workflows and image analysis strategies, research project management, data management, and image analysis will also be featured at the course.

The M2H boot camp, fully funded by Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, will take place in Denmark on 16-27 September 2024 hosted by a Euro-BioImaging Node in Denmark, the Danish BioImaging Network, and will provide an all-expenses-paid training opportunity with an emphasis on equitable inclusion and representation of participants from under-represented communities. 24 successful applicants from around the globe will be invited to participate in the boot camp that will run for 2 consecutive weeks. The organizers will cover travel and accommodation expenses of participants by issuing travel grants using the funding provided by Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

More information about the M2H boot camp including application form can be found here.